Since the age of 16, Niels Bendtsen has been designing the objects we live with every day. He designs for numerous European companies, including Poliform, Montis and Lintelo, as well as his own furniture company, Bensen, here in Vancouver.

Niels’s father, a cabinetmaker, apprenticed with Jacob Kjær in Copenhagen. Niels apprenticed with his father at the family shop in North Vancouver, where his respect for meticulous, simple design took root.

In 1963, Niels opened his first retail store in West Vancouver, Danet Interiors. He returned to his native Denmark in 1973, freelancing for IKEA, Eilersen, and Kebe, for whom he created the Ribbon Chair found in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

Niels returned to Canada in 1984 and reopened his store, renaming it Inform Interiors. His goal was to have control of both the design and manufacturing of Inform’s products, ensuring premium craftsmanship at every stage of production.

As an industrial designer, he approaches projects with the conviction that good design is a matter of consideration, contemplation, and practicality. When the challenge is to bring a piece to its most simple form, the solution is often part art and part arithmetic.

Niels’s impact on the project means The Jervis is designed from the inside, out. Rather than trying to fit interiors into a building, the homes have been planned for the best possible daily living experience, with a stunning exterior to complement it.

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