As we find ourselves getting deeper into the holiday season, many of you have managed to get your decorative lights setup, gingerbread cookies made, and shopping lists conquered. Whether you’re one to have a step up on your holiday task list, or perhaps you just want to enjoy a nice break from it all, the West End is filled with wonderful holiday events and attractions to be enjoyed.

To help spread some holiday cheer, we’ve collected a short list of some of these attractions.

Holidays at the Vancouver Aquarium

Enjoy festive underwater fun with Scuba Claus, the electric eel Christmas tree, and more.

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Bright Lights at Stanley Park

Ride the nostalgic Christmas Train and get treated with three million twinkling lights. With hot chocolate and fresh buttered popcorn on site, it makes for a wonderful time with friends and family.

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Lights of Hope

When planning your next night out on the town, be sure to include the annual Lights of Hope display as one of your stops. Using over 10km of lights and 100,000 bulbs, it is a first-class spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

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Lumière Festival

For two nights in the darkness of December, the West End will brighten up and offer local and international artist’s interpretation of light through interactive, colorful and magical installations on the streets and in parks.


Checkmate Christmas (Score on Davie partnered with Joe’s No Frills)

Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to Score on Davie’s world famous Checkmate Caesar. For the entire month of December, Score has teamed up with Joe Skokan of Joe’s No Frills so that for every Checkmate Caesar sold, the restaurant and grocery store will donate $60 worth of groceries to the food bank.

no frills

When visiting Vancouver’s downtown, the West End is often set apart by its charming neighbourhoods and vibrant communities. With the added excitement of the holidays just around the corner, be sure to come and experience some of these activities. To learn more about living in the West End, visit

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