Interior Design:

Trepp Design Inc.

Trepp Design Inc. creates spaces that intimately unite people and their environments. The team creates areas for living and working that are both practical and expressive of individual personality.

The collaborative approach draws on the experience of designers and technologists to produce innovative solutions that merge functionality and aesthetic expression.

Envisioning Architect:

Richard Henry

Richard Henry has consulted and acted as lead design architect on an impressive range of projects in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, always taking special care to consider the impact on the local community.

Richard believes that there is such a thing as fundamental beauty that transcends both style and fashion and that all people recognize. Whatever project he works on, he searches for this unique quality in order to bring it to the forefront.


NSDA Architects

Established in 1976, NSDA is founded on principles of personalized service, a teamwork approach, and a commitment to quality.

A six-time recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award, NSDA prides itself on the diversity of its portfolio. It is this diversity — in scope, complexity and budget — that allows the firm to grow both professionally and creatively.


Durante Kreuk

Durante Kreuk is an award-winning landscape architectural firm with over thirty years experience in design and development.

Practicality, broad perspective, and diverse thinking help Durante Kreuk to create a wide range of sustainable, people-focused urban places. The firm’s commitment to collaboration allows them the freedom to push boundaries and explore new ideas.

Technology Integration:

Millson Technologies

Millson has spent the last 20 years building a solid reputation as the premiere residential technology firm in Canada.

With 20+ years focused on delivering fully integrated solutions for luxury residential tower projects, they bring a level of technical understanding, project management expertise and client care that is simply unmatched.

Millson delivers home technology as one imagines it should be. Simple.

The Jervis Photographer:

Nelson Mouëllic

Nelson Mouëllic is a commercial lifestyle photographer based in his hometown of Vancouver, BC. His images gained global attention in 2008 when he was awarded the annual World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship, which sent him to Australia to be mentored by a National Geographic staff photographer.

Now, working primarily as a commercial lifestyle photographer, Nelson’s diverse background and experience contribute to his versatility as a photographer. Intracorp commissioned Nelson to do a custom photo study of the West End because of his strong ties to the neighbourhood and unique ability to capture its eccentricities and charm.

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