The Jervis, the first community by the Inform + Intracorp partnership, rethinks the way homes are designed and built. Each home is carefully crafted, built by design and made for living. Every room, corner and edge has been thought about and designed with a purpose. The kitchen is a perfect example.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we congregate, whether with friends or family. It is where we feel our most comfortable, making a meal or sitting reading the newspaper. This will be no different at The Jervis. Inform and Intracorp carefully considered the components of the perfect kitchen for all of life’s experiences. The end result was a simple yet intelligently designed linear kitchen.

The Jervis Kitchen

The linear kitchen at The Jervis is inspired by the kitchen Niels and Nancy Bendtsen designed for their home in Paris.

Nancy Bendtsen’s Top Ten Reasons to Love the Linear Kitchen

To understand what makes it so livable, Nancy Bendtsen shares her favourite features of her Paris home and The Jervis linear kitchen:

  1. It’s beautiful.
  2. A linear kitchen involves your guests. They can sit at the table across from you while you prepare dinner.
  3. A thick cutting board turns your dining table into another prep station by raising the height of the table up to the counter.
  4. Everything is accessible and open, so it’s easy to use
  5. A linear kitchen reflects the reality of today that most of us live in our kitchen, so we need more space to move and furnish.
  6. If you eat out a lot, the linear kitchen always looks perfect while taking up the least space.
  7. It is perfect for laying out a buffet of take-out or catering.
  8. It’s incredibly space saving.
  9. It’s simple and practical.
  10. It’s beautiful and symmetrical in a way that other kitchen designs cannot be.

The Jervis Kitchen Highlights

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