Dan Yeung

Dan Yeung, Sales Assistant with The Jervis Sales Team tells us what he loves about The Jervis and its surrounding neighbourhood.

What makes The Jervis a “Vancouver first”?

The distinctive feature that highlights The Jervis as a “Vancouver first” is the progressive approach to the design of the building. Our partnership with Inform has created an unprecedented synergy that has resulted in homes that are equally stylish and functional.

Can you describe how The Jervis is designed for indoor and outdoor living?

The outdoor space has been well thought and acts as an integral part of the home versus a supplementary extension.  Living in one of the most desirable cities in the world, Homeowners will be able to enjoy the unique beauty that Vancouver radiates in each distinctive season. The spacious Corner Patio found in each home at The Jervis will undoubtedly be the highlight and haven for most Homeowners.  The transition from indoor to outdoor is thoughtfully laid out, maximizing space, light, and comfort for every Homeowner.

What is your ultimate goal with The Jervis?

My ultimate goal as part of The Jervis Sales Team is to find future Homeowners that will absolutely love their home at The Jervis.  I believe this can be done by providing a memorable and genuine experience to every person that walks through our doors.

We are extremely excited and proud about what The Jervis represents, so we hope to represent it in a manner that will instill these same sentiments.

What will Homeowners appreciate most about living at The Jervis?

I believe Homeowners will appreciate the uncompromising thought and clarity in the design of the homes at The Jervis.  Residents at The Jervis will be treated to a comfortable and unique living space that elegantly balances both form and function.

Equally exciting will be the vibrant neighbourhood and West End lifestyle that Homeowners will be treated to.  With world class beaches and parks only minutes away, this certainly be a living experience that people will fall instantly in love with.

For more information about The Jervis, visit www.TheJervis.com or call 604.998.8989.