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Welcome to the Insider Realtor Profile, a monthly series introducing you to some of our favourite Realtors. This month, we’re excited to introduce Chris Malkin.

Q. When did you get licensed?

I took a sabbatical in 2012 and realized I wanted a career change. Real estate has always been a passion.  The MLS website is ‘real estate porn’ for me so I decided to make the leap.  I was licensed in October 2012 and I began working in the spring of 2013.  I took the first few months to create a brand identity and website.  I am extremely meticulous about what I put out into the world and I wanted to put forth a unique brand identity that I could build upon. In my youth, competitive athletics embedded an internal drive in me characterized by total commitment to everything I do in life, including my 16-year commitment to my partner.  My commitment is the same to being the best at what I do in real estate.

Q. What was your first real estate deal?

My first deal was a double-ender on a Yaletown penthouse. The home had been on the market previously, but the owners were holding out for premium price. They gave me an opportunity to ‘do the impossible’ and I did. My theory was the home hadn’t traded yet because a typical penthouse buyer is looking for an over-the-top penthouse ambiance and I knew I could create that with great staging. Previous to real estate, I was a designer so I knew I could create what a penthouse buyer wants. Not only did I get what the sellers wanted, I set a price per square foot sales record in the building.

Q. What is your favourite Intracorp community and why?

The Jervis – As a former designer, I have a true appreciation for the collaboration between Intracorp and Inform.  The focus on functional, usable living done in a sleek, sophisticated, elegant manner is design perfection to me… And I really love the neighborhood.

Q. Are you an early bird or night owl?

I’m both actually.  In addition to our local clients, we work with a lot of overseas buyers so my phone rings at all hours of the day / night.  I don’t work 18 hours a day, but my typical work-day spans 18 hours with personal life priorities fit in alongside work.  Work / life balance has been my biggest challenge as I grow my business.  I hired an assistant this year and part of her job is to enforce that balance.  I think she’s going to take away my cell phone at some point.

Q. What is your motto?

My life philosophy is that we are here to teach and learn, and my corresponding motto is: Live with no regrets.

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